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So Much Yelling!

So Much Yelling!

Get off me!600_0883 Get expeditiously from me!!600_0891 I have a baby!600_0898 Me, too!!600_0900 So do I!!!600_0905 I am yelping even though I am alone and no one is bothering me just because I can!!!! 600_0928 Good god, right? There was plural peace. Hola!600_0930 Emo seal has a sad600_0937 Not much peace, though, in the all the babies and testosterone laden males about. 600_0892 Interesting time of session for ye old elephant seals. Interesting day to shoot, too. Light was weird to swat with. Foggy, then not, then puzzleheaded again, then sort of yellowish, too fog, some sun, more fog, etc. One register like this… 600_0851 Then some this…600_0874 Then one that…600_0990 Not exactly an attractive bunch, right? 600_0936 Even the babies are a scummy fugly 600_0916-1 Nothing fugly about our coast, though. 600_0823 Fog or not, it is an awesome lodging to be 600_0830 Naturally, it cleared completely after the tour was over. Anna’s hummingbird male showing off in the sun600_1010 Was durative back in the parking lot for the line stroboscopic blackbirds 600_1026 If you are in the area and have a virtuality to do the tour at Año Nuevo State Park I would try to make that happen. Awesome afternoon!600_0848

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Oto ja.

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